The IPSA project


In 2019, the year of French leadership in global health, improving access to health in Africa is a priority, particularly in the context of the Global Fund Replenishment, which will take place in October in Lyon.

Contenu du bloc

France is the second largest contributor to the Global Fund to combat the three pandemics. The country works closely with Francophone countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. In response to the fragility of health systems in a number of African countries, the French President  launched in February 2019 the Presidential Initiative for Health in Africa (IPSA in French). The five current beneficiary countries are Burkina Faso, Burundi, Mali, Niger and The Central African Republic.

MAIN Objective

This pilot initiative aims to respond to delays in implementing Global Fund grants and accelerate the response to pandemics in a limited number of French-speaking West and Central African (WCA) countries.  It also focuses on linking pandemic responses to strengthening health systems. It combines:

  • Enhanced technical support¾deployment of high-level experts to support countries to improve their financial and programmatic management of Global Fund grants and contribute to strengthening health systems.
  • Political mobilization to encourage governments to invest more in their health systems and increase the State's share of the health budget.

Project lead

Expertise France

Results & challenges

Since the initiative was launched, the terms of reference (TOR) for the expertise missions have been finalized in 4 countries, and experts are being recruited, which means a primarily involving the Minister of Health and responding to expressed needs.  The TOR are specific to each country and meet the needs expressed by the Minister of Health, in liaison with technical and financial partners and the Global Fund. For example, it may involve supporting the ministry to become a principal recipient again or to support the Minister with their health financing policy.