A new strategy for L'Initiative

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Mon, 07/06/2020 - 10:00

At the dawn of the new triennium 2020-2022, L'Initiative is taking on a new strategy to ensure its rise to prominence. It is based on a vision, a mission and values, from which four strategic pillars are derived. Our objective: to contribute to the elimination of the three pandemics by 2030.

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Following the 6th Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund, the share of L'Initiative's budget increased from 7% to 9% of France's contribution to the Global Fund.

To accompany this increase, the 5% Initiative (the initial share of the budget) became "L'Initiative".

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At the service of global health issues
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The result of the mobilization of L'Initiative teams and the steering committee, L'Initiative's new strategy sets out an ambitious program for the next three years, which is in line with the Global Fund's 2017-2022 strategy and consistent with France's global health strategy. Four strategic objectives have been identified:

  • mobilize skills,
  • produce and share knowledge,
  • support catalytic projects,
  • support the influence of French or Francophone actors.


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Speeding up the fight against the three major pandemics
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This new strategy should enable L'Initiative to intensify its work, particularly where the challenges are greatest within the eligible countries. An approach that complements that of the Global Fund, which traditionally focuses its support and strengths where their impact will be greatest. Through a knowledge synthesis mechanism, L'Initiative should also contribute to the French steering of the Global Fund and to the global partnership dynamic, thus encouraging the alignment of actors in the fight against pandemics and the strengthening of health systems, with the aim of achieving universal health coverage. The principles of ownership, alignment, capacity building and partnership remain at the heart of L'Initiative's philosophy and action.


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A strategy focused on solutions for the future
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Our methods of intervention adapt to the challenges of tomorrow. It is a question of strengthening support mechanisms and better planning technical assistance, in order to implement it in the necessary time frame and according to a fine, individualized approach. At the same time, we are supporting NGOs, research institutes and national programmes, particularly in the development of innovative approaches, experiments and pilot projects aimed at changing health practices and policies.








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