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Evaluation - Key populations

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This section gives an overview of results from the cross-cutting evaluation of eight projects funded by L’Initiative focusing on key populations, implemented in twelve countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

With the importance of key and vulnerable populations and gender issues in the response to pandemics in mind, L’Initiative launched a call for projects focused on these areas in 2014, in order to select projects based on the following themes:

  • Strengthening national responses relating to key populations and / or vulnerable groups.
  • Strengthening gender mainstreaming in the grants from the Global Fund


This assessment was carried out by OASYS between April 2018 and February 2019. The evaluation involved:

  • Evaluating all projects on the ground individually in line with L’Initiative’s accountability objectives.
  • A cross-cutting analysis of the results, making it possible to draw lessons from the combined experience and identify best practices in relation to key populations, vulnerable groups and gender issues, with a view to enhancing learning and improving the quality of projects funded by L’Initiative.
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