Supporting all relevant national institutions


Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) are L'Initiative's key reference points at country level. Support for CCMs is at the core of our action; this specialist area stepped up following the closure, in September 2017, of Grant Management Solutions (GMS), the US technical body providing technical support to CCMs and principal recipients (PRs) of the Global Fund. CCMs represent the Global Fund at national level and are responsible for:

  • Submitting funding applications to the Global Fund
  • Identifying Principal Recipients
  • Overseeing implementation of funding

We help CCMs strengthen their governance, their management capacity, and their ability to access funding as well. Our approach and our support assignments are tailored to the needs of each CCM.

CCMs keys roles

CCMs keys roles
Responsive (recommandé)
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In each country eligible for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria programs, CCMs bring together all stakeholders involved in combating the three pandemics:

  • Public authorities
  • Private sector
  • Technical partners
  • Civil society
  • NGOs
  • Populations affected by the diseases
Titre du bloc
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As part of its 2017-2022 strategy, the Global Fund envisions changing the way CCMs work; the fund has consequently gathered their input. 80 CCMs representatives from 21 West and Central African countries came together at a regional workshop in September 2017 to discuss the key following topics:

  • The effective representation of civil society in CCMs
  • The importance of training
  • Skills transfer between CCMs members

These discussions are in line with our priorities, which are namely to ensure that all actors have a voice and that they are heard at the highest level, both at country level and at the Global Fund.