A specific call for operational research

Operational research involves collecting scientific data in the field during operational implementation in real-life conditions. The results of the research allows, in practical terms, adapting strategies and interventions of control programs as and when they are implemented.They involve research institutes, universities and civil society organizations from France and eligible countries in keeping track of epidemics zone by zone, training new researchers and testing out new tools.

Contenu du bloc

Between 2011 and 2017, 22 projects and 35 research missions were funded for a total of around 24.5 million euros. That made it possible to support projects that seek to enhance the effectiveness of Global Fund grants, and the response to the three pandemics overall, in innovative ways. An annual call for proposals is now dedicated to just such projects—in 2018, the topic dealt with improving the detection, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis.

A cross-cutting evaluation was conducted in 2017 to measure the impact of the funded operational research projects. It confirmed the utility of this type of project to sustainably improve pandemic management. Since 2018, there has been a dedicated call for proposals on operational research.

In this way, we support research projects that help to:

  • Document the characteristics of the epidemic zone by zone
  • Train new generations of researchers
  • Test new disease-control tools.