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Our expert assignments aim to facilitate access to those working to combat the three pandemics to Global Fund grants and to strengthen the impact of their projects.

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All Global Fund-funded program stakeholders in L'Initiative eligible countries through:

  • National applicationssubmitted by recipient country stakeholders:
    • Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs)
    • Principal Recipients, Sub-Recipients and Sub-Sub-Recipients of the Global Fund
    • National pandemic control programs
    • Government agencies
    • Civil society actors
  • Regional applications by a single applicant organization (a CCM, for example).


Through our experts, we aim to strengthen access to and implementation of Global Fund grants. Requests for support can relate to an initial assessment mission if issues have not yet been clearly identified. Support can take the form of specific missions, studies, workshops or trainings.

For example:

  • Supporting country dialogue between different health stakeholders
  • Supplying data: reviewing active files, epidemiological studies...
  • Support to write a Global Fund proposal, or a grant renewal request
  • Governance: organizational assessments, support for civil society participation in official proceedings, capacity building of CCM members...
  • Support to develop grant applications
  • Support during implementation
  • Strategic monitoring of grants, for example: capacity building support in Global Fund funding management: accounting, finance, hospital administration, supply management, etc...


  • A maximum period of 12 months, including implementation and achieving identified objectives. Missions must be carried out by one or more experts for short periods, or through several support missions, according to need.
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How to request Technical Assistance?

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Assignments begin once a request has been received by L'Initiative project managers and signed off by the steering committee. Applications can be submitted throughout the year.

Here are the steps to follow to apply for technical assistance

1 - Download the application documents from our website :

  • Tender specifications – to be completed following the example provided
  • Cover letter - completed and signed
  • Copy of the letter informing the CCM of the request.
    • For regional requests, the CCM of each country concerned should be informed, and a copy of the letter to each CCM should be attached to the application.

Find out L'Initiative Request Kit Expertise mission.

2 – Send your request to the cooperation and cultural action department (SCAC) at the French embasy in your country

Find out the directory of French embassies here 


3 – The Global Health Advisor issues an announcement of opportunity on receipt of the application and solicits the views of other stakeholders (Global Fund, AFD, and COCAC).


4 – Our project manager for the relevant country reviews the file to:

  • Verify the application's eligibility
  • Prepare the budget
  • Gather missing contextual information
  • Present the application to the steering committee



  • Positive opinion: terms of reference are developed, finalized and discussed between yourselves and the project lead.
  • Adverse opinion : you can rework your application to take account of the committee's recommendations and submit a new request.
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How to request Technical Assistance?
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If you are in doubt about the eligibility of your application, contact us or the Regional Advisor on Global Health at the French Embassy.

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After requests have been approved, the next steps led by Expertise France are:

  1. Expertise France develops the terms of reference with your input
  2. An agreement is signed with Expertise France
  3. Call for applications to identify the best team of experts
  4. CVs of selected experts are submitted for your approval
  5. Assignment begins 3 months later in urgent cases, experts can arrive in the country one week after a request is approved.



In the very exceptional case where you have identified an expert yourself, your selection should be submitted to L'Initiative Steering Committee and justified when the application is sent. If it is a legal entity, it should be a public or community organization, as private companies must be subject to a competitive process.

  1. Demonstrate the relevance of your selection, and highlight why no other organization or other expert could do the work under the same conditions.
  2. Provide the CV of the identified expert and the estimated budget if it is an organization

If there is insufficient supporting material, your selection will not be approved.