Recap TB project


Tuberculosis is a global health threat and remains one of the leading causes of preventable death globally. However, national programs detect and treat only 25% of cases of drug-resistant TB in West and Central Africa.

Contenu du bloc

This data indicates that several barriers persist related to access to health services, which could be an indication of human rights abuses of patients and high-risk populations; and gender inequalities. Additionally,  there are gaps revealed during the regional analysis carried out during the "Zero deaths in children" advocacy campaign:

  • Low coverage for diagnosis, screening and treatment;
  • Limited access to quality diagnostic services for tuberculosis;
  • Poor knowledge among the population about tuberculosis;
  • Poor integration of health services;
  • Poor integration of community actors throughout the cascade of care.


MAIN Objective

Build community capacity to reach all people who have need for TB diagnosis, treatment and care services in West and Central Africa.

Project lead

Alliance Côte d'Ivoire (NGO Alliance Nationale pour la Santé et le Développement en Côte d’Ivoire)


STOP TB partnership and Dynamique de la Réponse de l’Afrique francophone contre la Tuberculose (DRAFT TB)

Results & challenges

The two objectives outlined will be answered during the project’s implementation:

  • To strengthen a sustainable community dynamic in the response to tuberculosis in Cameroon, Benin, Niger and Chad;
  • To generate a patient-centered, gender-sensitive and human-rights response to TB in the 4 beneficiary countries;
  • To strengthen access of community-based organizations and NGOs to TB funding.