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The Initiative Network

Partners of the 5% Initiative come from the public and private sectors and associations. They form the “Initiative Network”. This network has been built to mobilize top expertise for the missions implemented in the context of the 5% Initiative’s Channel 1.

This network is built via two dynamic processes:


- A first process to select and admit candidates into the network,

- A second consultation process by e-mail of experts admitted into the network, when needs arise, and therefore for each Channel 1 mission.


Candidates may join the network if they fulfil the conditions of eligibility and leave it whenever they wish. The Network has a legal duration of existence of 4 years.

To join the Initiative Network

Any individual expert or legal person (associations, umbrella companies…) may join the Initiative Network, as long as they are registered on a French or foreign professional register. To join the network, candidates are required to fill in and send the application form which can be downloaded online, and demonstrate their technical and professional capacities in the fields of:  

  • The fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria,
  • The strengthening of health systems,
  • Impact measurements and evaluations of public health,
  • Support for the management and monitoring-evaluation of grants in the health sector.

List of documents to be provided:

- The application form with evidence of registration on the professional register and evidence of compliance with tax and social security obligations

- Appendix 1: Declaration of honour on exclusion criteria, absence of conflict of interest and the availability of the holder

- Appendixes 2 and 3:

    – For legal persons, the references model (associations, umbrella companies…)

    – For individual experts, the model CV

 – Appendix 4: Third-party identity sheet and bank account details



To reply to the consultation, please click on the link below:


Calls for application

If the candidate is admitted in the Network, its registration is confirmed by an e-mail of admission.

The expert will receive specific consultations and will be able to reply to them. Only experts who are members of the Network may apply to specific consultations. Should a candidate wish to reply to a specific consultation, but is not yet part of the Network, they will need to submit their application to join the network at the same time. See the section “How to join the Network Initiative”.

Each specific consultation comprises:

  • The consultation letter outlining the purpose of the mission and the maximum amount of the financial budget allocated;
  • The consultation file comprising the following documents:
    • The draft act of commitment and specific administrative clauses;
    • The appendix to the general conditions (general administrative clauses);
    • The specifications of the mission;
    • The model CV;
    • The declaration of honour on exclusion criteria, absence of conflict of interest and the availability of the holder.

The expressions of interest will be analysed by Expertise France on the basis of the technical skills of the experts proposed, and will subsequently be rated according to the different selection criteria, which are set out in the consultation letter. For example, these criteria may be as follows: training, technical skills in the field sought, language skills, experience…

The financial offer submitted by the candidates shall not exceed the maximum amount given in the consultation letter, but this shall not constitute an evaluation criterion for applications.

Award: Expertise France will enter into contract with the tenderer (individual expert or legal person) which receives the highest score following the assessment of their tender.