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Mobilisation of expertise under Channel 1

If they are to receive and be able to respond to calls for candidates, individual experts must register in The Initiative Network. It is recommended that at least 30 minutes be allowed for this procedure and entry of the details of the candidate’s professional experience. Any expert can register and become a candidate, nationality not being a criterion for selection.


 To join The Intiative network, go to: https://www.initiative5pour100.fr/en/partnerships-and-expertise/the-5-initiative-network


 Public-sector, private-sector and non-profit organisations from all eligible countries are invited to join the 5% Initiative Network in order to be able to respond to calls for candidates. To register as a member of the Network, they should declare their interest in accordance with the provisions notified for the call for declarations of interest which can be downloaded on line. Declarations of interest can be sent at any time.