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Seeking to finance your project by L'Initiative

L'Initiative supports medium-term catalytic programs to change health policy  and practice.

L'Initiative supports the Global Fund’s ecosystem and the response to pandemics, with a particular focus on local and national stakeholders.

Supported proposals respond to priority issues and complement Global Fund-supported programs.

Projects funded by L'Initiative are selected through calls for proposals. These projects are intervention- or operational research-focused, which a view to making the response to pandemics more effective.

Three calls for proposals are published every year: Strengthening systems for health, Vulnerable populations and a specific call for Operational research

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Who can apply?

L'Initiative encourages the implementation of projects in multidisciplinary partnerships and with a diverse range of actors, including policy makers, research actors, civil society and the private sector.

The project lead applicant must be legally registered and have a board of directors / management committee and a registered headquarter in an eligible country or in France. International organizations (United Nations and associated agencies, regional state organizations.) with the exception of regional non-state organizations, may not be the lead applicant or an implementing partner of projects. However, they can be associated stakeholders that do not receive any delegated budget.

Geographical areas concerned: L'Initiative eligible countries.

For how long?

Funding amount are granted for a specific period of time according to the project thematic : 

  • Vulnerable populations : 36 to 48 months ;
  • Strengthening health systems : 36 to 60 months ;
  • Operational research : 36 to 48 months. 

How are the grants allocated?

Grants are awarded through dedicated competitive calls for proposals.

Phase 1: Develop letters of intent 

  • December 2022: Calls for proposals publications on our webste
  • December to January 2023: Development phase for letters of intent
  • End of January: Letters of intent reception (average 10 pages)
  • February: Check eligibility of letters of intent
  • April: Preselection of letters of intent

Phase 2: Full project development 

  • April to June: Full project development phase for pre-selected letters of intent
  • June to August: Invite full project submissions
  • September: Preselection projects by the selection committee 
  • October: Final selection of full projects after applying the conditions set by the committee (if any)

These projects are systematically monitored, audited, evaluated (including measuring impact) and, where appropriate, the learning and added value is captured in line with L’Initiative's quality criteria.