The French embassies

Regional global health advisors (CRSM)

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The CRSMs are responsible for, among other things, monitoring Global Fund activities and activities of the four United Nations agencies supported under the Muskoka Multilateral Priority Solidarity Fund (FSP), and other health cooperation interventions (decentralized cooperation, regional cooperation, inter-university, etc.).

The CRSMs are situated in French embassies and are distributed according to strategic geographical zones in order to ensure the best coverage of priority regions.


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Mrs. Shojaei Taraneh

Country of residence: Thailand

Area covered: Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, ASEAN


Mr. Bello Pierre-Yves

Country of residence: Kenya

Area covered: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen, Djibouti, Sudan, Somalia, African Union


Mrs. Nguyen Geneviève

Country of residence: South Africa

Area covered: Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique, SADC


Mr. Huart Guillaume

Country of residence: Saudi Arabia

Area covered: Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.


Mr Bernatas Jean-Jacques

Country of residence: Burkina Faso

Area covered: Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, WAHO


Mr. Brault Guillaume

Country of residence: Senegal

Area covered: Senegal, Gambia, Cape Verde, Guinea, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Unicef Regional Offices, WFP, UNAIDS, UNDP


Mrs. Bougeard Floriane

Country of residence: Côte d'Ivoire

Area covered: Benin, Togo, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana


Mrs Albert Laure

Country of residence: Cameroon

Area covered: Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome, OCEAC


Mr Crozier Pierre

Country of residence: Congo

Area covered: Congo, DRC, Angola, Gabon, WHO Offices & WHO Libreville Inter-country Team


Mrs. Deze Charlotte

Country of residence: Madagascar

Area covered: Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles, Indian Ocean Commission