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A word from the Ambassador

Ambassador for the fight against HIV/AIDS and communicable diseases

It is with both pleasure and pride that I provide the introduction to this first report on the activities of the 5% Initiative on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in my new post as Ambassador for the fight against HIV/AIDS and communicable diseases.

This innovative approach already has some striking results to its credit. Thanks to the combined efforts of all concerned, in the beneficiary countries and in Paris, the 5% Initiative is acknowledged as a major vector for France’s commitment to control the great pandemics. It has arrived at the right time, just when the Global Fund is implementing its new funding model, and it is the wish of all of us to contribute to an optimal health impact for our programmes. We all understand that the strengthening of health systems will be crucial.

The 5% Initiative is a new instrument for solidarity in the French-speaking community. It is innovative in several ways. It acts as an interface between multilateral and bilateral assistance. Its underlying philosophy is to provide a response to demand that matches need as closely as possible: governments and civil society are at the heart of the process; the manner in which programmes are implemented and their duration are as flexible as possible. Channel 2, which is unique in the field of international technical expertise, has opened up totally new prospects for robust partnerships between French-speaking stakeholders.

The foundation of 5% Initiative is the excellence of French-speaking expertise, which is put to good use for the major international actors in the health sphere. As a brand new public body, Expertise France has been fully up to the task in what is a worthy programme.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to its teams for the remarkable work that has been done. Its successes are also owed to the network of regional health cooperation counsellors who work daily to ensure that programmes unfold satisfactorily, as well as to the communities of scientific bodies and non-profit associations involved in the fights against the three diseases.

At a time when scientific progress is definitely slowing the spread of the pandemics, we must continue more than ever to be innovative in our programmes. We need to ensure that in the coming months the “5%” approach becomes even more effective through meticulous feedback from projects and wide dissemination of good practice.


Philippe Meunier
Ambassador for the fight against HIV/AIDS and communicable diseases
August 2013


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