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A Decade of addressing needs the field

Published date : 29 07 2022
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Verbatim Stéphanie Seydoux RA21


"Beyond the figures of the past decade, L’Initiative’s main achievement is the creation of a rich ecosystem bringing together French-speaking stakeholders at the service of global health. Thanks to its support in the field, L’Initiative allows them to structure and consolidate their action in the long term. L’Initiative’s unquestionable added value is its fine knowledge of the field, target populations, and community health stakeholders, who act as a vital link in the fight against pandemics. Its relevance and efficiency in the field have been consistently highlighted by our partners and diplomatic network, especially regional global health advisors. Moreover, L’Initiative’s expert analysis shed light on the strategies and investments that should be implemented, providing precious information that France diligently passes along to the board of the Global Fund. 

L’Initiative is committed to helping countries to assume stake ownership in their fight and to the strengthening of their health systems. Therefore, in the face of the vulnerabilities identified since 2019, the Presidential Initiative for Health in Africa was deployed to address delays in implementing Global Fund grants in six countries. The program was designed to tie the response against pandemics to the strengthening of health systems. To further the elimination of pandemics, the Global Fund grants’ impact must still be improved, and the strengthening of health systems should be a priority, in terms of providing laboratories,  human resources, and mobilizing domestic resources. 

Those are the domains in which L’Initiative can help countries in their fight against the three great pandemics, the preparation against future crises, and the achievement of universal health coverage."

STÉPHANIE SEYDOUX, Ambassador for Global Health