The ACB project


West and Central African countries represent 13.9% of the Global Fund's overall portfolio, but there are challenges tracking down people who are infected, putting them on treatment and keeping them in care.

Contenu du bloc

For HIV, only 25% of eligible patients receive care; and for HIV-positive children it is the lowest in the world (21%) and the associated death rate continues to increase. Malaria disproportionately affects West Africa, which accounts for half of the global burden of disease. Tuberculosis detection rates are sub-optimal.

The positioning of African constituencies in recent years has shown their difficulty in analyzing the issues, in keeping with previous commitments, and the lack of representation due to the absence of participation of most delegations in defining official positions championed on the Global Fund board.


MAIN Objective

Support the African constituency on the Global Fund board to structure their communications, knowledge production, and define positioning on major Global Fund issues.

Project lead

African Constituency Bureau, based in Ethiopia


AIDSPAN - Independent Global Fund Observatory

Results & challenges

To meet its stated objective, the pilot project focuses on:

  • Training and preparing West and Central African delegations to Global Fund committees and board of trustees;
  • Supporting and strengthening the Addis Ababa office, in particular connections with Francophone delegations;
  • Putting together knowledge and reflections on the priority topics for the West and Central Africa area:
    • Research on bottlenecks in implementing Global Fund grants in Francophone Africa: Challenges and best solutions;
    • Research on applying the COE policy and its implications for implementing grants;