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The 5% Initiative

As a leading donor to the combat against the great pandemics, France has taken a firm decision to support multilateral cooperation, to which it has devoted increasing resources since 2002, and two-thirds of its funding to international cooperation on health.


As the second biggest contributor to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the leading contributor to UNITAID, in 2010 France launched a new arrangement for contributing to the Global Fund: the “5% Initiative”.


The 5% Initiative is France’s response to a view shared by a range of actors in French-speaking countries, whereby the latter have been encountering repeated issues either in gaining access to the resources of the Global Fund or in deploying financial resources that have been received.


Application of the Initiative takes the form of an indirect contribution from France to the Global Fund equivalent in an amount equal to 5% of the total French contribution to the Fund each year, or €18 million annually, over the period 2014 to 2016.


It aims to respond to requests for technical expertise from French-speaking countries, to support them in designing, implementing, monitoring/evaluating and measuring the impact of grants allocated by the Global Fund, in order to enhance their effectiveness and their impact on health. It is based on the mobilisation of French and French-language expertise available in these domains.


In accordance with the 2005 Paris Declaration on the effectiveness of development aid and the 2008 Accra Agenda for Action, the 5% Initiative is directed at building local capacity and enhancing ownership of programmes financed by the Global Fund by the countries concerned. Close attention is paid to avoiding duplication between the 5% Initiative and other existing mechanisms and especially activities financed by the Global Fund itself.


By mobilising French-speaking expertise in the North and the South, the Initiative also helps reinforce complementarity and synergy between activities to counter the pandemics conducted with multilateral and bilateral support from France.

Domains for action by the 5% Initiative

The 5% Initiative can act at any stage in the granting of a subsidy by the Global Fund:
  • Ahead of grant approval: operational research projects whose purpose is to assist the definition of national strategies and to support the drafting of applications by providing expert input.
  • When a grant is implemented: expert missions and capacity-building projects for health personnel, procurement and supply management, capacity for financial management and monitoring/evaluation, underpinned by a focus on complementarity with Global Fund grants, or the provision of urgently needed support to facilitate a move to Phase 2 or fulfil grant preconditions.
  • After grant implementation: support for the measurement of its impact.
  • At any stage: support for governance mechanisms (mainly through CCM reinforcement).

The expertise brought to bear is provided by French-speaking actors: public operators in the non-profit or private sectors, specialists in the three pandemics (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria), as well as technical and financial support for health programmes in developing countries, methods and tools for monitoring and evaluation and community participation (universities, hospitals, technical consultancies, NGOs, etc.).

Types of action

The system is deployed in two mutually complementary ways.


Channel 1: a response to one-off needs for high-level expertise


The purpose of Channel 1 is to respond to one-off requirements for expertise for actors in eligible countries for the support of implementation, governance, monitoring/evaluation, design or impact measurement relating to Global Fund grants. Country Coordinating Mechanisms, Principal Recipients and Sub-recipients of Global Fund grants, along with national actors in the fight against the three pandemics in those countries, can submit an application for expertise at any point in the year.

Approved expert missions are implemented by Expertise France and its partners (5% Initiative Network).


Channel 2 : funding for expert projects


The 5% Initiative’s Channel 2 is aimed at funding projects lasting between two and three years which address programmatic needs or structural problems in beneficiary countries. The grants are allocated on the basis of a competitive procedure involving calls for projects.

For the years 2012 and 2013, four thematic areas have been given priority after consultation with partners in over twenty countries:

  • Health system strengthening
  • Operational research
  • Governance
  • Procurement and Supply Management

In 2012 and 2013, an annual budget of between €12m and €13m will be dedicated to Channel 2 to fund projects on two thematic areas in each year.


More information on Channel 2


See calls for proposals

5% Initiative Milestones
  • October 2010:
  • France’s announcement of the new contribution arrangement at the Pledging Conference for the Third Replenishment of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

  • 18 November 2011:
  • Signing of a funding agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and Expertise France for the implementation of the 5% Initiative.

  • 13 December 2011:
  • The first meeting of the Initiative’s Steering Committee.

  • 27-28 February 2012:
  • Holding of a consultation seminar to define the thematic priorities for Channel 2 funding.

  • 20 March 2012:
  • Signing of a Statement of Intent on the 5% Initiative by and between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Global Fund.

  • 18 October 2012:
  • The first meeting of the Channel 2 project Shortlist Committee.


5% Initiative Core Principles
    • Complementarity with Global Fund activities
    • Rapid mobilisation of expertise to meet one-off needs (Channel 1)
    • A focus on building the capacity of beneficiaries
    • Promotion of innovative initiatives
    • Leverage of expertise on health from the French-speaking world