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The 5% Initiative secretariat: Expertise France

Expertise France : The French International Expertise Agency

 Expertise France is the French International Expertise Agency, born from the merger of the 6 main French technical assistance agencies, which took place on 1st January 2015.


It aims at participating in French cooperation, development aid, and economic influence policy, by responding to the growing need for expertise in developing countries, emerging countries, and neighbouring European countries, to develop public policies in response to the institutional, economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges they encounter.


It operates within the framework of public contracts, funded by French bilateral aid or through international calls for tender.

It offers a wide range of interventions, based on an integrated public policies approach, to partner states, and other authorities, or multilateral or European donors.

Expertise France supports its partners and clients in implementing public policies in areas such as sustainable development, economic development, public finances, governance and human rights, social protection and employment, health, and issues of stability, safety and security.


With a business volume of 120 million Euros, a portfolio of over 450 projects in 80 countries, and 50,000 man/days of technical expertise in 2014, Expertise France is the leading French technical expertise agency.


The 5% Initiative secretariat

Implementation of the 5% Initiative has been entrusted to FEI (Expertise France since january 2015), under Ministry of Foreign Affairs oversight.


For the purposes of implementation and the secretariat functions for the 5% Initiative, Expertise France has formed a dedicated team within the Operations and Development Directorate. Under the supervision of a Mission Director, this team has responsibility for the following:

  • Secretariat duties in Steering Committee meetings
  • Preparation and implementation of Channel 1 missions: drafting of the terms of reference with the beneficiary, contractual arrangements with experts selected on the basis of competitive tender processes approved by the Steering Committee; execution and monitoring of missions
  • Preparation of calls for Channel 2 projects, supervision of the process for assessment, negotiation and signing of grant agreements with project drivers; monitoring & evaluation
  • Financial and administrative management for the Initiative
  • Organisation of Initiative events
  • Initiative communication activities and media
  • Monitoring & evaluation for the Initiative and drafting annual activity reports


In  the Healt Department of Expertise France

Christelle BOULANGER : Coordinator of the 5% Initiative and head of unit

Project Managers:

  • Anne-Laure ANNIC: Albania, Georgia, Ukraine, Ghana, Benin, Cape Verde
  • Isabelle CARTOUX : Burkina Faso, Niger
  • Adeline LAUTISSIER: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam
  • Rebecca GILLARD : Congo, Gabon, Chad, Burundi
  • Intissar BEL-HADJ: Guinea, Marocco, Mali, Mauritania, Tunisia
  • José BOFF : Haïti, Ivory Coast, Comores, Madagascar
  • Soumeya RAHLI: Sénégal, Guinea-Bissau, Togo
  • Clarisse VEYLON-HERVET : Cameroon, CAR, DRC

 Support staff:

  • Elsa Marconnet, Financial and Administrative Manager
  • Néra KHAMVONGSA, Project assistant
  • Yann ILLIAQUER, Project assistant
  • Lucie SMANIOTTO, Project assistant, Temporary in charge of the “continuity of care in the Ebola context” funding Channel
  • Louise VIRAULT, Communication Officer
  • Elsa GOUJON, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager



FEI and cooperation in the health domain

Over and above the conventional technical assistance, Expertise France has been providing for several years now (institutional reinforcement for central governments, public health agencies and hospital systems / support for the definition of national health policies / capacity-building), Expertise France has developed expertise relevant to the fight against the major pandemics and emerging diseases. Among such projects, and alongside the 5% Initiative, Expertise France is responsible for implementation of the pilot phase of the “OPP-ERA” project in a consortium with ANRS, ESTHER, Solthis and SIDACTION, with funding from UNITAID. Its objective is to improve access to the viral load in four target countries (Burundi, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea). Promoting the OPP (Open Polyvalent Platforms) model, this project is directed at modifying the market dynamic for viral load technologies to improve ongoing care for HIV-infected patients in developing countries at less cost.


In brief:
  • Annual revenue: €21.6 million (2011)
  • Average number of projects in progress: 160
  • 25,000 man-days of expertise provided in over 50 countries
  • A 50-strong headquarters team
  • Global coverage
Among our clients:
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI)
    • French Development Agency (AFD)
    • Greater Paris authority
    • European Commission
    • World Bank
    • DFID
    • SIDA
    • World Food Programme