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Initiative Oversight

Ministry of Foreign Affairs oversight

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (Directorate General for Globalisation (DGM), Subdirectorate of Health and Human Development) is responsible for oversight of the Initiative. The Ministry defines its strategic focuses, entrusting actual implementation to its operator, Expertise France. The Ministry chairs meetings of the Initiative’s Steering Committee.

The 5% Initiative Steering Committee

The role of the 5% Steering Committee notably involves:
  • For Channel 1: examining requests for expertise from countries and reaching a decision on their implementation; approval of maximum budgets for missions.
  • For Channel 2: defining thematic areas for calls for proposals and evaluation criteria; examining and validating submitted projects on the basis of assessments provided by the Secretariat. To achieve this, the Steering Committee meets in Shortlist Committee format and can allocate seats or places as observers to outside public figures and organisations.
  • Receiving and discussing Expertise France activity reports on the scheme and proposing necessary changes.
The Steering Committee is chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development(Global Public Goods (BPM) / Human Development (SDH)). Its membership comprises
  • The Ambassador for the fight against HIV/AIDS and communicable diseases (Ministry of Foreign Affairs/AIDS) or the Ambassador’s representative.
  • A representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate-General for Globalisation and the Programme and Network Department (DGM/SPR), for input on budget issues.
  • A representative from the French Development Agency (AFD).
  • A representative from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.
  • Representatives from civil society. Civil society seats on the committee are assigned to AIDES, Sidaction, Solidarité Sida and the French Red Cross.

The Steering Committee meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month and at least once a month. Its secretarial functions are provided by Expertise France.

Prevention of conflicts of interest

A specific policy has been defined for the prevention of conflicts of interest on the Steering Committee. In addition to a declaration of absence of conflict of interest signed by its members, special provisions have been put in place. If a member of the Committee is involved in a Channel 1 application, he or she will be given no information on that application and must leave the room while it is being considered. In the case of Channel 2, organisations that are members of both the Steering Committee and a tenderer cannot take part in meetings of the Shortlist Committee on the theme of the project they have submitted. They are given none of the information provided on that same thematic area to the Shortlist Committee (list of tenderers, projects, evaluations, and so on) and nor do they take part in the selection of outside assessors; they are not informed of the outcome of the selection process.